Need Income after being Laid Off

Are you like me?

I was laid off, unexpectedly. I looked for a job. I got unemployment. I barely got interviewed. I was scared and I needed income after being laid off. In today’s world this is happening to more and more people.

I found a way to work through this and move forward. I would like to share my experience with you and give you some options you did not know existed.

I hope my experiences can help you find legitimate work at home opportunities.

Be careful, there are also a lot of scams out there. I am not talking about a quick money-making scheme, I am talking about building a legitimate home based business that can get you the income you need after being laid off and continue that income for the rest of your life.

Are you interested in learning from my journey through this wild ride?

 LET’S GO !!!!!

What did I do after being Laid Off

I did the traditional things:

  • I started looking for a job;
  • filed for unemployment;
  • took care of my health insurance.
  • Searched Job Boards
  • Applied to jobs
  • Got a few interviews

I got emails and calls from many companies offering to re-do my resume, my LinkedIn Profile, teach me how to “uncover the unadvertised jobs”, all wanted me to spend money I did not have to find a job that seemed to not be out there.

Sound familiar, you are qualified, you have high standards and you have been successful but you still can’t find a job

It kept coming back to: I need income after being laid off. It sounds simple but it is complicated.

What did I need to do to make an income after being laid off? My new job was finding a job. All I got was “thanks for applying but we are pursuing candidates with more qualifications” or something like that. It was frustrating

Feelings after being Laid Off

The hardest part for me was remaining positive and not worrying. Friends and family kept telling me that everything would work out. Things happened for a reason. God works in mysterious ways. On and on it went. All I knew was “I need Income”, “I have to take care of my family”. I need to feel useful and like I am contributing to a winning organization.

Mostly though I felt lost, confused, angry, frustrated, worried, scared and “like a failure”. Why me? I had worked hard my entire life and done all the right things. I am older and why is it happening to me and my family.

I need to fix this and fix it forever, not just this year. I started doing research and looking for options. I started really thinking about my situation and looking at it from different angles, I couldn’t keep doing the same thing and expecting to get different results. Someone said “this is the definition of insanity” and I believe them.

After really thinking about my situation

Here is what was happening to me, I was questioning all those values and beliefs I was raised with.So, by following these values I was not winning. I had to change something. After all, I am not crazy and the definition of crazy is to “do the same thing” and expect “different results”.

While I was going to continue looking for a job, I decided to learn about an internet business that could bring me income after being laid off and provide income for me and my family as I approach retirement.

Choosing a way to start an internet business from home

Now I knew what I wanted to do, earn income from home. But How?

I did not know how to build a website, earn money from a website or any of the tools I needed. I started doing research. I went to many on-line training sessions and tried a few of them. There were some I tried and got my refund after the 2nd day of trying. Mostly they promised a lot and did not deliver what they promised.

Starting a home-based internet business is not easy. It is not difficult in the sense of doing the work. It is difficult because it takes an attitude and work ethic to make it happen. You have to “Believe” it will work. You have to be dedicated to making it happen and you have to do the work. You can’t click a button and instantly make money. Be careful if anyone tells you otherwise.

You need to have help and guidance. You need a partner that will truly help you but not take all your profits. You need the technology and tools to make it happen.

I found that. I want to share it with you. I want you to learn more about it and get comfortable about it. I am sure when you do, you will find out that this is the place for you. You can try it out for free and then decide if it is for you. You will belong to a community that is built to help each other and succeed when every member succeeds.

The name of the group is Wealthy Affiliates. I will detail out more about this amazing team and how you can join in another article. If you want to read the article press HERE

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Increase your Income after being Laid Off

Being laid off is not easy but you can turn a difficult situation into a win for you. You have made a good first step by looking into this. I am here to help you negotiate through this. I am still on my journey and we can navigate the jungle together. I will lead you but like any team, we will work together to cut this path.

Others will tell you about the huge amount of money they have made and that you can have a luxurious life style. What I am telling you is you get my PROMISE.




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